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Crème lavante au lait de Tiaré
Monoi de Tahiti based on Tiare flowers, sometimes enriched with sandalwood, has been prepared for more than two thousand years to massage and anoint new born children; it is used to nourish their fragile epidermis and protect them against the sun and the winds.
Its maternal use starts with prenatal massages. Monoi thus expresses, in a marvelous way, all the essence of “white”: the colour of active products to protect and stimulate the skin – the colour of a fundamental gesture that feels like an essential caress to the new-born soul.

The baby bath cream allows a very smooth and supple massage of the baby skin while providing a gentle soap-free cleansing action. It has been designed to respect the delicate epidermis of babies as well as the sensitive skin of adults.
t relies on the soothing properties of the Tiare flower, rich in phenolic compounds and methyl salicylate.

Phase A
/100,0 g
Aqua / water
qsp 100,0
Titriplex III
Disodium EDTA
Phase B
Arlatone DUO
Disodium lauryl sulphosuccinate sodium cocoyl isethionate zea mays cetearyl alcohol aqua hydrogenated castor oil & glycerin titanium dioxyde
Phase C
/100,0 g
Monoï de Tahiti
Cocos nucifera-Gardenia tahitensis
Sépigel 305
Polyacrylamide & C13-14 Isoparaffin & laureth-7
Acétate d'alpha-tocophérol
Tocopheryl acetate
Phase D
/100,0 g
Proteol OAT
Sodium lauroyl oat amino acids
Oramix NS 10
Decyl glucoside
Tégobetaïne F 50
Cocamidopropyl betaine
Phase E
/100,0 g
Sepicide HB
Phenoxyethanol (and) methylparaben (and) ethylparaben (and) propylparaben (and) butylparaben
Lait de fleur de Tiaré
Water (and) cocos nucifera (coconut oil) (and) gardenia tahitensis flower (and) gardenia tahitensis flower extract (and) xanthan gum
Ecophylane de fleur de coton
Maltodextrine (and) gossypium herbaceum (cotton extract)
Extrait de bois de santal
Aqua / glycerin / santalum austracaledonicum / nipastat sodium
fragrance biorelaxant

Weigh the constituents of phase A, mix them and heat the mix to 80°C. Pour in the arlatone DUO while stirring. The phase thus obtained must be homogenised. Cool to 50°C. Prepare phase C in a separate tank. Pour A + B in phase C while stirring. When the mix is well homogenised, add phase D, while gently stirring or under vacuum. Add phase E at 25°C. Stirr and homogenise. Measure the pH; it must be at about 5.5/6.5 – otherwise adjust the pH with a solution of citric acid or a sodium hydroxide solution.